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Joyce Kilmer School

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Joyce Kilmer School is an upper elementary school with two grade levels, grades 4 and 5 with a little over 400 students. We are uniquely positioned to help students transition from being primary learners to becoming prepared for secondary school experiences. In this effort, we value opportunities for students to become well-rounded learners in their school community. 

At JK we are committed to the 3Rs- Respect for self. Respect for others. Respect for the environment. 

In helping students understand respect for self, we recognize the fundamental differences in how students learn now compared to the past. We are happy to embrace the importance of collaboration while also teaching students how to advocate for themselves. Joyce Kilmer is committed to supporting students with their social and emotional awareness and helping them to work on their personal growth. We implement a host of mindfulness activities and recognize the impact these various social-emotional strategies have on helping students to self-regulate. 

Respect for others embodies an understanding that we are all part of a community and have something to contribute. This includes both staff and students as well as parents in our school community. We are excited to partner with our families and the community at large for the betterment of our students. We encourage our families to get involved at JK. Whether you join our parent organization, the JKHSO, participate in the Thunderbird partnership to share your expertise, or take the lead as a class parent, we embrace the home-to-school connection. 

This year our theme is: We grow when we learn together- Better You Better World! 

Respect for the environment not only includes our physical building which we proudly use. It also refers to the learning environment that exists within our classrooms and the hallways of our wonderful school. 

We believe in the power of learning and work diligently to ensure that students are prepared academically as well as socially and emotionally. Our faculty and staff are committed to engaging students, supporting their academic growth, and providing diverse learning experiences through cutting-edge curriculum and technology. Students will experience core academics and specials like art, music, physical education, and STEM. Joyce Kilmer is proud to boast a unique and exciting innovation lab as well. 

The exposure to cross-cutting concepts is designed to give students a unique academic experience and the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. This ensures our students are equipped with the tools needed to be successful both as they enter Ramapo Ridge and beyond.  

Go Thunderbirds! 

Billy Bowie