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Transportation Regulations and Safety

To provide for the optimum safety, parents or other adults are encouraged to wait at the bus stop before and after the students are transported to school. Parents and students should arrive at the bus stop ten minutes before the usual pick-up time. 

  • Students should wait off the road in an orderly fashion for the bus. 
  • Offenses such as fighting and rock-throwing will result in disciplinary action. 
  • Parents of pupils who miss the school bus must arrange other transportation for that day. 
  • Bus rule violations will result in suspension of bus transportation for ill-behaved students. 
  • Students should not throw books, papers or trash on the bus floor or out of the windows. 
  • Students should not distract the bus driver in conversation. 
  • Each student must ride his/her assigned school bus. 
  • Bus drivers will report any violations of behavior rules to the principal and a warning letter will be sent to parents of student violators. 
  • Buses will pick up and drop off students only at their assigned stops. 
  • Students must cross in front of the school bus and look both ways when crossing the street. 
  • Certain types of children’s clothing can create a hazard on the school bus. Long dangling jackets or drawstrings, long backpack straps and long scarves or other loose clothing can get caught in the handrails, doors or other equipment as the child enters and exits the bus.

Bus Assignment

To provide for the safety of the students, it is best that students are picked up and dropped off at their assigned bus stop. Students are not permitted to ride on buses other than their own assigned bus unless there is a documented family emergency that would put a student in danger. Students are not permitted to switch buses to visit friends, attend meetings, after school classes or work. A student riding on a bus without District authorization raises the potential for serious issues. The most concerning for the District and parents would be the inability to locate a student that might have decided not to board his/her assigned bus. Additionally, the majority of our buses are loaded to capacity and do not have seats for additional students.

In the event of a family emergency, parents/guardians must contact the student’s school and request a temporary alternate pick up and/or drop off location. Once approved, a note signed by the school administration must be given to the bus driver for the alternate pick up and/or drop off location. Students will not be permitted to get off the bus at an alternate location without the signed note.

Drivers are not allowed to make changes to students' bus stops. Please do not ask a driver to do so. Parents are encouraged to make alternate arrangements to cover for emergencies. Plans may be made for relatives or neighbors to meet the bus when parents or guardians are unable to do so. Emergency contact information should be submitted to the school annually or updated as often as needed throughout the year.